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Actions for photoshop. Beauty actions for photoshop
Lot of beauty actions for photoshop, any version since it does not use plugins. Skin retouching, eye retouching and teeth whitening. All in one!

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Professional skin retouching

Professional skin retouchin. It maintains the pore of the skin and gives a clean and professional touch. You just have to click and paint with the brush in the area to apply the effect. With multiple adjustments through the transparency of the layer mask. Save hours of editing with a single click and a few touches of the brush. This action will save you hours of work and accelerate productivity. It does not consist of a plugin or an action that does it all, it consists of applying with a single click, the creation of layers and adjustments and painting with the brush in the areas where we want the skin retouching to be applied. The professional retouchers use these actions because they drastically reduce the retouching time and the result is pleasantly professional.

Professional Eye Retouch

Professional eye retouching. A photoshop action with which to highlight the look of your photographs. The action is applied and you only have to paint with the brush the areas that we want to highlight, darken or clarify. The look is very important in photography and with this action of photoshop highlight the eyelashes, iris and other parts of the eyes with a professional finish that will highlight the strength of our photographs.

Professional teeth retouching

Professional retouching of teeth. Action that consists of giving play to the action and painting with the brush on the teeth to clarify them and give a clean appearance. A very simple and professional way to clean and lighten the dirty or pale teeth of our photographs. The touch-up is very simple and I finish it very well since it eliminates the saturation of color of the area to be applied and leaves a clear and clean finish.

There are 3 professional actions that will save many hours of work, and as you work with brushes, it does not consist of a click and point, but you can give your personal touch. It speeds up the work and the result is very professional. I use these actions that I have been polishing over time and I can retouch many of my photos at a brutal speed and the finish is very very good. Especially the theme of the skin, since to lower or raise the transparency of the adjustment layer we will have a skin more or less retouched, if in some photos we want the pore and imperfections to be more visible or on the contrary we want a finish very clean and without any mark or imperfection on the skin.

You will not regret it!


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